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Heart to Hearts offers an integrative and balanced approach to your physical, emotional and mental well-being.  A healthy lifestyle helps to reduce your risk of illness and improve your quality of life.  Our educational programs and classes are held at our Lawrenceville facility.  We will also take our programs to a location of your choice.

Conscious eatingConscious Eating - Learn to focus on a balanced approach to eating and to choose the best foods based on your body type.  Get away from fad diets and develop the “conscious eating” habit.  A celebratory dinner is held annually.

Dietary Detox - A series of classes teaches you how to cleanse your liver through a safe dietary program.  A physician and nurse monitor your progress as your body eliminates toxins and unwanted chemicals.

Fall Prevention - A certified HealthEase instructor reviews individual amd environmental risks associated with falls, the consequences that can occur, dangers associated with falls for the 65 and over population, and steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falls.

AngelicTouchFitness and Stress Management - Gentle and restorative Yoga classes by Helene Hughes and therapeutic massage offered through Angelic Touch, LLC.

HealthCare Portfolio - Provides valuable instruction on how to manage personal medical records, including guidelines for screening and diagnostic tests based on age, gender and risk factors.

Healthy Lifestyles - Presentation explores the nutrition, fitness and stress management components of the Circle of Health.

Medical Seminars - Physicians and healthcare professionals lead insightful discussions on various topics such as Cancer Prevention, Environmental Threats to Health, Food Sensitivities, Mental Health, and Pain Management.

Micronutrient Testing Program - Targets nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level through extensive blood analysis.  Conducted by licensed professionals, the Program includes individual and group counseling sessions as well as personalized recommendations for addressing deficiencies through vitamin and supplement therapies.

NutritionNutrition Support - A small group led by a  nutrition specialist that focuses on guidelines for healthy eating and cooking, reading food labels and food shopping.  Learn to identify micro and macro nutrients and how they can benefit you.

Vitamins and Supplements - Private consultations assess individual vitamin and supplement needs.  Group classes teach proper use of vitamins and supplements.  Heart to Hearts is a licensed distributor of Metagenics™ and Designs for Health™ vitamins, protein bars and medical foods and offers these products at discounted prices.

Wellness Evaluation - A comprehensive one-on-one evaluation with an experienced medical professional.  Each individual receives a personal portfolio with his/her health history, a risk factor assessment and nutrition guidelines.

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